WidgetRunner 1.0

Enable the use of Dashboard widgets from the desktop.
1.0.3 (See all)
Run Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets on your desktop from a single interface. Integrate the utility, then scan the drives and applications to identify all available widgets. Alternatively, manually associate the widgets with the launcher. Observe the widget work or enable, disable and control it.

This is a quick hack I put together to run MacOS Dashboard Widgets on your desktop, rather than having to separately enter the dashboard to view/manipulate them. I find this to be a much more convenient way to run many widgets -- especially those that present information, such as the Weather widget.

Though there is an undocumented hack that allows you to run Widgets on the desktop, they always float above all other windows (including PowerPoint presentations!), which I found to be pretty annoying. WidgetRunner allows you to specify whether each widget should float on top, act like a normal window, or be pinned to the destkop.

There are also commercial applications to do this, but I didn't feel it was worth $10 for this feature Apple should have included for free, so I decided to write this bit of free software.

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