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Send alerts for different events on your schedule.
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Keep track of your meetings and events, sync your schedule to different devices via iCloud. View your week’s schedule as an integrated part of your wallpaper. Set up your own keyboard combinations that will trigger different actions. Save multiple profiles.

Present your iCal calendar events and reminders right on your desktop with this stunning calendar viewer. Blotter renders your whole week as a part of your wallpaper. It is beautifully discreet yet only a glance away. Blotter also makes it a snap to add a new event or reminder to your calendar. Use the always present menu bar icon, or configure global keyboard shortcuts which work from within any application on your Mac.
Did you ever mark something in your calendar only to forget to check the calendar? No more. With your week right before you, you always know if you can make a meeting on Tuesday or if you’ll be able to go home early on Friday.
• Keep your existing calendar. Blotter will tie directly into your Mac OS X iCal calendar instead of recreating it.
• Quickly add a new event or a new reminder.
• Keep things snappy. Blotter uses very little memory and processing power.
• Optionally view the next 7 days instead of a regular week.
• Quickly customize what to display, what to hide and how much space to give each section.
Also works with Google Calendar. See our support site for more information.
Note that Blotter does not support calendar editing beyond adding events and reminders.

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