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Control and monitor servers and connections of OpenVPN.
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Create and customize a VPN protection grid on your Mac. Work with the necessary binaries and drivers to establish a secure and stable connection to a remote proxy server and redirect data requests when accessing online resources. Check and save all the settings.

OpenVPN helps you establish secure connections to other networks on the Internet. As other VPN services, it lets you skip georestrictions and keep your Internet activities private. However, configuring OpenVPN from the console can be a hard task, that is why a graphical user interface is always welcomed. And this when Tunnelblick comes in to rescue, as it provides an interface for OpenVPN.

As an interface, Tunnelblick has some advantages. First, it supports dragging and dropping VPN configuration files. Second, it has various tabs, so you will not be overwhelmed with too many options. Third, you can configure the program to run hidden in the menu bar, which means you will not even notice it is there. Fourth, it supports configuring practically everything that can be done with OpenVPN. Finally, it supports using keyboard shortcuts.

However, it is impossible to write about Tunnelblick without referring to OpenVPN. In this respect, OpenVPN transfers data with 256-bit encryption as well as high-end ciphers, which seems secure enough to deter data thefts. Besides, it supports "perfect forward secrecy", which prevents intruders from deciphering data. What is more, OpenVPN is free to use. Unluckily, OpenVPN has some restrictions, particularly in the maximum number of servers supported.

All in all, Tunnelblick is just an interface for OpenVPN. It is widely considered the best choice to set a VPN on macOS. In most cases, it is difficult to know if any problem you may face is coming from Tunnelblick or OpenVPN. Fortunately, there is an online forum to discuss this kind of issues. Luckily, Tunnelblick is opensource and will not cost you a dome.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports configuring most OpenVPN options
  • Supports dragging and dropping configuration files
  • Allows using keyboard shortcuts


  • Limits to the number of servers
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