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Free A P2P file-sharing client to transfer files. The app is included in the aMule- suite
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Automatically download a list of servers, choose a node, share files with other users and manually connect to eD2k and Kademlia networks on your Mac. Access, browse and monitor your downloads in the Search section and get in touch with your friends in the Message tab.

aMule is an open-source P2P app that connects to the eD2K and Kademlia networks. It is a clone of the eMule application that was released quite a few years ago for Windows, and it looks very similar to it. Some people might argue that eD2K isn't the most efficient way of sharing or downloading files from other users, and I think like those people. In fact, aMule has all the benefits and drawbacks of eMule for Windows. One of those benefits is that there are billions of files on the eD2K network. If you want to find rare content, this is the place to look for it. The bad part about it is that the queue system isn't very efficient, and you can expect to wait hours for your files to start downloading at times.

In my testing, I told aMule to use uPNP to automatically forward the port that it needed to work. All eD2K applications need an open port to communicate with the servers and other users. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to work for me, since I got a Low ID, which means that other users get priority over me because I didn't get a good connection. I then added a file to the queue and waited for a half hour for it to start downloading at an extremely low speed. None of this is aMule's fault, though (except for not being able to forward the port).

The application itself looks well designed. Also, it has lots of configuration options, including bandwidth limitation, connection preferences, and more.

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José Fernández
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