Clear Day - (Formerly Weather HD)

Clear Day - (Formerly Weather HD) 2.0

Now with Animated NOAA Radar and Real-time NWS Severe Weather Notifications Clear Day™ (formerly Weather HD) is an elegant weather app...
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Weather HD is a gorgeous weather application for your Mac. It allows you to look up the weather in most locations world-wide and see great-looking, high-definition graphics of what the weather looks like in each location. You can add more than one location to the app, and then switch between them.

Weather HD is at its best when used in its full-screen mode. The app consists of a pane on the left where the weather information is, and video animation of the weather conditions on the right. There is a different animation for each weather state. If it is raining, you will see water drops and storm fronts moving in. If it's snowing, you will see snow balls falling. If it is foggy, you will, well, not see much, because it's foggy. If you are running the application at night, you will see stars or clouds, depending on whether it is clear or not. All the animations look astounding.

Weather HD is also customizable. You can choose the units that you want to see, add several locations and set alerts for when temperature drops or goes above a certain number. There are also severe weather alerts for the US and Europe.

One of the major disadvantages that I see about this app is that it doesn't provide as much information about the weather state as other similar apps. The hourly forecasts are every three hours, which can be annoying for some users. However, if you are not too serious about knowing the weather to the T, and only need a current state and good forecasts, while seeing them with gorgeous accompanying graphics, then Weather HD is a great app to have.

José Fernández
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