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Process and present different weather data types.
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Collect and transform complex weather data into comprehensive presentations. Combine the information extracted for scanners or online forecast databases, then assign special symbols called peeps to every report to indicate the general weather conditions.

swackett x is a whole new way to look at the weather. We turn complex weather data into easy-to-understand information. Now the weather forecast can be viewed by any member of the family, including the very young and very old, those with disabilities - anyone who might be short on time and in need of a quick, easy-to-read weather forecast.
With swackett we combine raw weather data with thoughtfully crafted people symbols (called "peeps") to help make your weather forecast easily understood, quick to read, and fun to look at. We based our peeps on passenger/pedestrian symbols produced by AIGA (the professional association for design) and the U.S. Department of Transportation in the early 1970′s, but have added some modern twists.
When you look at the weather using swackett, you will see current conditions, radar, and detailed forecasts combined with peeps dressed appropriately for the weather. Its a fun, fresh and truly useful experience for people of any age.
We do provide all of the nitty-gritty details for the weather junkie (as we at AGLogic are weather junkies) but our forecasts are tailor-made for the time-starved person who needs essential weather information fast.
In short, swackett is the simplest, most easy to understand, most accurate weather forecast available.
NOTE: Currently only available for the USA. An international version has been in development for several months and will be available soon.


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