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Get information about current battery health, including battery life, battery consumption, and battery cycle count.
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Wattagio is a battery monitoring tool that gives you accurate information about the battery status of your device. All you need to do is interpret these data and take the right decisions for a healthy, long-lasting battery.

The app has a clear-cut and quite attractive desktop interface. The vertically-positioned content modes can be easily switched, giving you fast and easy access to the information you are looking for. This way, you can take a glance at the health condition of your battery so you know how much is left from the original capacity. The number of the remaining charge cycles is also available, together with the information regarding the current charge compared to the full charge capacity.

A handy feature you will definitely appreciate is the Energy mode, which conveniently displays the apps that take most CPU and power. If the situation becomes critical, you can force quit a great battery consumer right from within the Wattagio software. Yet, you can prevent a fast battery consumption by asking the program to reduce transparency automatically and to turn off the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi connections. In addition, you can determine in the Preferences menu the programs to be closed automatically after a specific time of inactivity. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to check the life story of your battery and release daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports regarding your battery's power, capacity, usage, and health. more

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  • Comprehensive battery settings
  • Display great power consumers
  • Force power consumers to quit immediately
  • Show periodical battery history reports
  • Close apps automatically after a specific time of inactivity


  • Crowded preferences menu
  • Supports only most recent operating systems


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