MiniBatteryLogger 1.8

A utility that displays info related to the user's MacBook battery.
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Claudio Procida

MiniBatteryLogger is a utility that displays information related to the user's MacBook battery.
The application will create a graph that describes the changes in charge and amperage over time. By placing the mouse on various points of the graph, the "Inspector" window will show the charge, in percentage, the plugged-in status, amperage, voltage, capacity and cycle count for that respective moment. The selected point of the graph is defined by date and time. Battery details can be viewed, such as model, manufacturer and manufacture date. Such details can be checked in the System Profiler, so no utility is really needed to verify them. However, a nice option is that of accessing the "Comparison View", where the battery is compared to those of other users. Also, a log will be kept with relevant power events. Users will be informed about eventual cord connections or disconnections, the beginning and the ending of a charging process. The OS X "Energy Saver" window can be accessed from within the utility.
MiniBatteryLogger is a utility that provides a nice user interface for verifying info related to the MacBook battery and also graphs with the charge modifications of the battery.

Margie Smeer
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  • A graph describes the changes in battery charge and amperage over time
  • A log will be kept with relevant power events


  • For some of the available options a utility is not really necessary, as battery data is also provided by the System Profiler, although it can be considered useful for such data to be gathered in one place along with others
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