VOX Continental V 2.8

Adds sounds of the Vox Continental electric organ to your tracks.
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Vox Continental V is a music tool that lets individuals use an incorporated Vox Continental electric organ to enhance their musical compositions. The instrument was used in the 1960s, mostly in the rock genre songs.

Once you've completed its installation process, you get in touch with a graphical representation of a a classic Vox Continental electric organ that represents the central point of the interface. There are also the common tabs and configuration settings that are found in many applications. Yet, there could've been some options to edit the fonts as the text does sometimes lack visibility.

As per its functionalities, Vox Continental V comes with an extensive MDI mapping of pedals, effects and sound engine parameters. Also, it includes classic stamp box-type modelled effects and dual manual VOX 300 emulation.

Furthermore, users are able to increase or decrease the key contact timing and the background noise bleed. It supports MIDI splits or independent channels and even has a Jennings J70 voice engine mode.

All in all, Vox Continental V is a software solution for individuals who want to integrate the sound of a famous electric organ into their musical compositions.

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  • Has dual manual VOX 300 emulation
  • Supports MIDI splits
  • Includes Jennings J70 voice engine mode


  • Tabs and menus look common
  • Misses fonts customizations



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