VocALign PRO

VocALign PRO 4.2

VocALign PRO (V4)works with Pro Tools, Logic 8/9, Cubase and Nuendo.
4.2 (See all)

VocALign PRO (V4.0), after years of development, is now available for both Pro tools, Logic, CuBase and Nuendo. Compared to VocALign Project VocAlign Pro has:

More accurate alignment with user controls for Sync Points and Protected Dub areas.
Higher quality signal editing for single pitched audio tracks.

VocALign PRO V4 takes just seconds to automatically align two audio signals so that the timing of one matches the other
Simple, intuitive plugin integration with host audio editor.
Sophisticated pattern matching techniques that reject guide track noise and work with different speakers, singers, words, instruments and sounds
Works with 16- and 24-bit audio
The aligned audio can be auditioned within VocALign PRO
The Pitch of aligned audio is unchanged

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