VideoSpec 0.9

A video analyzer and player with built-in timecode and aspect ratio calculators.

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VideoSpec is a video analyzer and player with built-in timecode, bitrate, and aspect ratio calculators. It can also detect video file compatibility with QuickTime Player and specific Apple devices. The analysis results can be exported in a customizable text file.

The main window of VideoSpec displays video and audio information as well as relevant file and metafile information. The attributes displayed here are generally available to a more limited degree via command-I in media players such as Quicktime Player and VLC. The "Play", "Compatibility", "Bitrate Pro", "TC Calculator", and "Tools" buttons arrayed along the top of the window each open a separate, smaller window containing the relevant feature. The Play button uses an embedded MPlayer; Compatibility detects potential issues and solutions for playing the file in QuickTime. Bitrate Pro refers to a discontinued bitrate-calculating application/widget by Daniel Pimley, now fully integrated into VideoSpec; the TC (timecode) Calculator is essentially a frame/time converter. And the Tools button is where the aspect ratio calculator lies, suitable for determining the appropriate height, width, or both for a given resolution or ratio. The "Report" button exports what's visible on the main window to a text file, while the "Preferences" button toggles a dropdown with options such as view style and report file format.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Diverse functionality makes it a Swiss Army knife for digital video professionals
  • Capable of presenting multiple analyses side-by-side


  • Multiple windows detract from interface unity
  • Does not use video analysis results to inform content of calculators
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