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Intended to organize Audio Units more meaningfully.
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Auganizer is intended to organize Audio Units more meaningfully. Thus, it tries to help you avoid the tediousness that may arise when you are working with a large collection of plugins, which are typically arranged by developer names. This is an application with a very specialized use, which means that, if this is your first time, you would probably want to consult its online help documentation.

The tool has a straightforward interface. When it runs for the first time, it scans your system for available Audio Units. Then, it displays them using traditional sorting, which is based on the developer. By expanding the list, you can see the names of all the items that correspond to each category. Besides, there are various ways to filter and sort the plugins.

Moreover, you can change the default organization by creating new categories, for instance, compressors and limiters. This way you can create a completely different hierarchy of folders. It is good that you can change the names of not only the categories but also the Audio Units. In this respect, you can save some time by renaming multiple plugins at a time.

To change the properties of the Audio Units, you must unlock them before. Fortunately, all the modifications are made to copies of the original files, which lets you revert changes if anything does not go as planned, or if you prefer to keep everything as it originally was.

To conclude, Auganizer can certainly help you boost your productivity by making your workflow more fluent. Therefore, it should be particularly interesting to both amateur and professionals of the music industry. Luckily, there is a trial version that lets you modify up to 10 plugins. Unfortunately, some experts warn that the method used by this app to organize Audio Units is unsustainable as it may become unsupported by future macOS versions.

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  • Provides a meaningful way to organize Audio Units
  • Batch renaming
  • Reverts unwanted changes


  • May become unsupported by future macOS versions
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