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UsageTracker allows you to monitor and set restrictions on your data usage.
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UsageTracker allows you to monitor and set restrictions on your data usage.
Getting started with UsageTracker is simple. First select how you are connected to the internet and then how much data you are allowed to use. From then on all further data usage is shown as a percentage in your menu bar at the top right of your screen. Conveniently the colour of this number changes to a bright red as you approach your limit. This ensures a quick glance is all you'll ever need to give you that extra piece of mind.

UsageTracker has plenty of options to ensure that it measures data usage the same way your provider does. You can select whether to measure only uploads, only downloads or a combination of the two. Or you can enter in the date when your data allowance will be reset. Or even select times during the day where data usage should be automatically ignored. This comes especially in handy if your internet provider is kind enough to give you unlimited evening or weekend data usage. If that wasn't enough with one click you can manually disable or re-enable usage monitoring - super handy if your temporarily using a public network. It is even possible to do this automatically based on the time of the day.

When your data allowance is reached it is possible to set UsageTracker to cleverly disable your network to prevent exceeding your limit and over usage bills. When the time comes for your data allowance to be renewed your network can be re-enabled.

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