Uplet 1.7

Upload batches of photographs and videos to Instagram.
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Uplet is a lightweight application that helps you post photographs and videos to Instagram. The tool is meant to be simple, and it really is, often at the expense of more advanced features.
To use the app, you need an Instagram account, of which you should enter credentials. Luckily, using various accounts simultaneously is possible. If you are worried about your privacy, there is no reason. Uplet does not store your credentials or files and your data is transferred via a secure SSL connection.

Uploading content is as easy as dragging and dropping the desired files onto the app’s window. Next you can edit each item separately. Unfortunately, there are no advanced editing features, like applying filters. In this regard, all you can do is zoom in your photo to crop it, change its orientation and add a caption. After that, you can proceed to post the files.

All in all, Uplet helps you keep multiple Instagram accounts updated by allowing to upload batches of pictures and videos. Regrettably, it does not support doing so for any other social network. My honest opinion: The product’s price may too high for what it has to offer. Good news is there is a trial version.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports posting items in batches
  • Supports both photos and videos
  • Uses secure connections
  • Allows using multiple accounts


  • No advanced editing features
  • Only Instagram supported
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