Facebook Desktop 1.9

Manage your Facebook profile from the Mac desktop.
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Charles Bihis
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Integrate a desktop application with your system to access Facebook without a browse or a mobile device. Manage your profile and submit authentication data, upload images, share posts, engage in personal conversations with the messenger, change personal settings, etc.

Facebook Desktop... Are you Facebook and Twitter addicted? Sick from keeping your browser opened all the time? Your browser tab of facebook and twitter get messed with the others?
Then facebook desktop is for you!
It is small browser based application that connects to your facebook profile and gives you the most comfort way to update your profile, view updates and great fullscreen chat experience.
Stay 24/7 online in facebook and twitter with facfebook desktop.
- Small and fast
- On close it minimizes in the system menu so it always running in background and you are one click away from your facebook profile

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