GrabBox 2.0

Takes desktop snapshots, uploads them on Dropbox and provides a shortened URL.

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GrabBox automates the process of taking screenshots, uploading and sharing them with friends. In order to do this, it uses Mac OS X's built-in screen capturing tool, Dropbox and two URL shortening services. The application runs either in the menu bar or dock and may be set to start on login.

The use of outside utilities comes due to their popularity: most users are familiar with Mac's snapshot commands (Command-Shift-3 - screenshot of the whole desktop, Command-Shift-4 screenshot of an area of the desktop) as well as the Dropbox tool and its file hosting service. However, this may come as a disadvantage if you are not using any of the two (you may not be a Dropbox user and have different screenshot tools installed). Also bare in mind that in order to upload the snapshots that you take, Dropbox needs to be running.

As a regular Dropbox user, I found GrabBox most helpful; images are automatically placed in the Public directory and uploaded under a specified filename while the shortened URL is saved in the clipboard. Those unfamiliar with Dropbox may want to think twice before installing two utilities just for the sake of sharing image files.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Automates the process of taking and uploading screenshots
  • Shortens URLs
  • Screenshot renamer


  • Requires Dropbox
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