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Manage file copy operations and accelerate data transfers.
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Ultracopier can help you manage file copy operations. In this regard, compared with the built-in copy tool, it offers more features, which include resuming operations, managing the list of files and dealing with copy conflicts. To start the app, you only need to start copying or moving data as you normally do as it will automatically substitute the built-in tool.

The application has a beautiful interface supporting themes and dark mode. It shows useful information such as the current transfer speed, copy progress, types of files and a speed histogram. It also lets you know the total size of data to being copied as well as that of the current file.

By clicking on the More button, you can view a list of all the files you are transferring. Luckily, you can change their copy order by changing their position on the list. Likewise, you may decide to skip copying a given file.

Like most other file copiers, this one supports pausing and resuming operations. However, what makes it special is that it can resume a copy operation even in case an external storage device gets accidentally disconnected. Just connect the device again, and resume the operation. Moreover, the tool can effectively manage other types of errors. For instance, you can set rules to solve file copy collisions automatically. Similarly, you can decide whether you want the original file rights to be retained or not.

Finally, there is something most users are looking for when they choose a file copier: transfer speed. As it appears on some benchmarking results available online, it seems Ultracopier is faster than most other similar tools. However, it performs better with small quantities of data compared with other tools that do best with massive transfers. Also, if you do not want the app to interfere with your computer’s performance, it is possible to set speed limits.

All in all, Ultracopier is definitely among the best file copiers available for macOS. It is more convenient than the built-in tool by accelerating data transfers and providing a lot more options. Fortunately, it is open-source and available for various operating systems. There is also an Ultimate edition but it is not free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Pause/Resume supports
  • Resumes after an error caused by external device disconnection
  • Manages file list
  • Rules to solve copy conflicts
  • Can retain original file rights
  • Accelerates data transfers
  • Optional speed limitation


  • Not the best for bulky data transfers
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