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Create fractals for masks, backgrounds, and textures.
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Ultra Fractal is intended for the generation of fractals, which, put simply, means that you can zoom in on any part of the resulting image for infinite times and get a similar picture all the time. Despite the complex algorithms running “under the hood”, the application is quite easy to use and does not demand so much from your computer. Fortunately, there is plenty of documentation, courses and community forums to answer any possible questions.

If you are familiar with Photoshop, you will probably find this tool very easy to use, as many operations are performed in a similar way. This is the case of layers and blending modes. For instance, let us say you want to transfer a layer from a document to another, simply copy the intended layer and paste it to the other document. Color gradients can be copied and pasted the same way. Then, you can adjust the blending mode. This allows mingling various fractals in the same image to get astonishing results.

A fractal image can be generated by combining various formulas, and, fortunately, there are some coming with the applications as well others available online. This is complemented with choosing the desired coloring algorithm. Next, it usually demands a lot of trying different parameters until you get a satisfying result. In this respect, the built-in gradient generator can come in very handy. Moreover, this tool can also create animations by mainly changing color patterns and zooming the picture in and out.

Ultra Fractal supports importing a wide array of file formats, including formulas, transformations, gradients and parameters. Likewise, it can export not only to images but video as well, which includes JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, Targa and AVI. What is best about this is that the pictures it creates have the incredible resolution of 100,000 pixels per side, which ensures the quality of the zooming-in effect you want to achieve.

All in all, Ultra Fractal is a very powerful application that can render fractals very fast in contrast with other similar tools out there. Its support of layers makes it great for creating masks, backgrounds and textures. There is an online showcase to demonstrate what you can do with this tool together with your imagination. The results you get are very dependent on your artistic skills, though. The product can be tried for 30 days; an opportunity you should not miss.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports importing multiple file formats
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Fast rendering of fractals
  • Exports high-definition images
  • Supports layers and blending modes
  • Built-in gradient generator


  • Exports video only in AVI format
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