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Simulate the sounds of pressing the keys on a mechanical typewriter.
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Typewriter Keyboard can help you feel as though you are typing on a classic typewriter by playing the preferred sounds whenever a key is pressed. This way, typists can have sound feedback of their actions.

The application has a minimalistic unobtrusive interface as the only visible sign of its presence on your machine is a small icon on the menu bar. The most frequent interaction with this tool is when you toggle sound on or off, which you can do from its menu or by pressing a hotkey combination.

Although Typewriter Keyboard comes with a default set of sounds that resemble the actual ones, it is also possible that you want to customize key sounds. If you do, then you can access the app’s preferences by clicking on its icon. Then, it is very easy to match keys and sounds, by clicking a key and assigning sound to it. In this respect, there is an extensive sound library you can use. Moreover, you may also use your own sound file.

There are a few things about this app that could be improved. For instance, I would like to be able to adjust the volume without needing to open the Preferences window. Likewise, I feel that the visual feedback you get when you assign sounds to the keys is insufficient, which means that there is a risk of pressing the wrong key.

All in all, Typewriter Keyboard is not one of those indispensable tools, that is why its price seems excessive to me. However, it may satisfy the needs of some users as to having sound feedback of their typing actions.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Extensive library of sounds
  • Allows using your own sound files
  • Intuitive and unobtrusive


  • Volume is adjusted from Preferences
  • Insufficient visual feedback when setting key sounds


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