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Mouse Recorder is a free automation tool for the Mac.
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Mouse Recorder is a free automation tool for the Mac. It is a very simple macro recorder which you can use to record the movement and use of the buttons of your mouse to automate simple and repetitive tasks. Compared to JitBit's other macro recording utilities, this one feels a bit light in the features department, but for simple tasks, it is all you need. I came across this app some time ago when I was looking for an application to automate a few tasks that involved nothing but repetitive clicking on static windows. That is when I found this little gem.

When running, Mouse Recorder will place an icon on the menubar. This icon shows the current state of the application. With no animation, the app is idle. If a red circle is flashing, the app is recording, and when a green icon is on the menu, playback is on. You can start and stop a recording by clicking on the menu and selecting the "Record" option, or you can use hotkeys instead. The same goes for starting and stopping playback of your recorded macros.

As I mentioned above, this great app is missing a lot of features that you probably will find in most macro recorders. For example, you can't edit macros after you have recorded them, you can't schedule a macro, and there aren't any programming options. However, I found this app to be incredibly useful for simple tasks because it has the two features that I need for them: hotkeys and macro repeating.

José Fernández
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  • It can record both mouse and keyboard actions
  • Macro repeating
  • Hotkey support
  • Very simple
  • Easy to use


  • Missing a lot of features that you would need for more complicated tasks
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