Twunes 2.2

Queries the iTunes app and tweets the current playing track.
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Tweets the current playing track in the iTunes application with the possibility to include additional details (album, title, artist details) as well. Includes the possibility to automatically create hashtags with the artist's name to make it clickable or create a hashtag with "#nowplaying". Supports crossposting to Facebook as well, all with the help of a hashtag.

Twunes... So you're a Twitter AND a music addict? Ever wanted to know what your ("I'm a Mac") Twitter buddies are listening to on iTunes? Always looking for musical inspiration to widen your musical horizon?
Well, good news: here's Twunes, my free Mac OS X application that tweets the current iTunes track's title, artist & optional album that you're listening to.
Key features include:
- You can hashtag the artist name so that it's clickable in Twitter clients and you can find other people tweeting about the artist you're listening to.
- You can add the hashtag #nowplaying.
- You can add the hashtag #fb to crosspost your tweet to Facebook, too!
- You can add an iTunes Music Store (iTMS) link for your song - if it's available. Twunes tries to find a match.
- The cover art of the currently playing song is shown if possible.
- You can choose whether to include the album name or not.
- As a convenience you can remotely control three key iTunes functions: play, pause and next track.
- Your Twitter credentials are stored safely in Mac OS X's Keychain.
- Twunes can optionally stay on top of all other windows.



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