Encore 5.0

A complete set of tools designed to help users edit and transcribe music scores.
5.0.7 (See all)
Lyrrus Incorporated, dba Gvox

Encore is a powerful application that offers musicians a feature-rich environment for composing and transcribing music pieces.
The utility provides users with multiple notation editing methods for both tablature, as well as score sheets. With this tool you can also record your playing (via a MIDI keyboard or interface) directly as a music sheet. The application supports up to 64 separate staves that may contain a very generous amount of notes. Users can, at any point, add a new measure, change the tempo or apply a time signature. As for the score, you may add a new page, staff, center the staves and define text elements (title, score instructions, composer, headers, and footers).

Encore is a tool especially designed for professional musicians who need a digital platform for writing their music scores, but is equally suited for amateur users in search of a solid music notation and transcription application. In conclusion, this is a flexible and versatile utility created for all musicians. It comes with a wide range of scores that will demonstrate the application's capabilities.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Support for multiple music score formats
  • Can transcribe MIDI files
  • Full fledged score editor
  • Music score playback
  • Supports recording


  • Side panels (notes, toolbar) do not feel like an integral part of the application and tend to take much of the screen space
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