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TwistedWave is the ideal tool for: audio files recording.
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TwistedWave is a really handy utility for editing and converting audio files and recording sound. Several processing options are available and batch processing is made possible.
The utility offers users several effects to work with: amplify, fade in/out, crossfade, pitch correction, pitch and speed adjustment. Silence breaks can be inserted into a song, polarity can be inverted and songs reversed. Aside from inserting silence sections, silences can also be detected throughout an audio file. The "expert mode" allows it for silence threshold and minimum duration to be selected. Also, tones can be generated and speech can be synthesized. Users can choose to add channels as part of the processing activity and they can make conversions to mono or to stereo. Recording is also possible, therefore podcasts or concerts can be collected. For the editing process to be better managed, markers can be placed so that song parts that require editing can be made visible for later work. Exports can be made to formats such as MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC audio, AIFC audio, iTune, audiobook and ringtone formats, and more. Metadata are supported, hence artist name, song title and album can be read and saved, depending on the used file format.
TwistedWave is an application that allows users to experiment with audio files by adding various effects to them. Also, it can be used to convert audio files from one format to another.

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  • Several effects to work with on audio files: amplify, fade in/out, crossfade, pitch correction, pitch and speed adjustment and others
  • Silences can be detected automatically
  • Audio files can be converted from one format to another
  • Sound recording is made possible
  • Batch processing is supported


  • You need to use the menu of the application in order to access certain features, as the interface doesn't provide access to many of them


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