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Automatically creates music notation from music performance or recordings.
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Scorecloud is intended for music composers to edit and share their compositions on the Cloud. The main advantage of this application is that you do not need to write the notes yourself; instead, it lets you automatically create music notation from music performance or recordings. The best way to learn to use the tool is probably by watching the online video tutorials.

Fortunately, you can input music from several sources. In this respect, it can be as simple as recording audio from a microphone. Likewise, it allows importing audio files. It also gives you the possibility to connect a MIDI instrument or play your music on the virtual keyboard. ScoreCloud can transform any music input into MIDI and after that into sheet music. It has been recognized as one of the best tools at doing automatic music transcription; however, (and it seems logical to me), it may still fail to identify some notes correctly.

Once the music is transcribed, you can easily work on it. For instance, you can add new notes and change octaves. It also supports analyzing the composition to detect notes that are too high or too low. Moreover, you can include song lyrics, and even make words and syllables correspond to the intended note. Once you have finished, you can share your work in multiple ways, such as saving it to a local folder, uploading it to the Cloud, sending it by email and even posting it on social networks.

To conclude, ScoreCloud can help composers, both professional and advanced, to focus on their artistic creation instead of on the technical aspects of musical notation. The product can be used for free but it watermarks printouts. Moreover, the free version does not support saving files or exporting to other applications. The paid versions are Plus and Pro, and you would probably want to check what you get from each before making a decision.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various ways to input music
  • Allows editing your music sheet
  • Lets you add lyrics
  • Various ways to share your work


  • May still fail to identify some notes
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