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Translates words and phrases between multiple languages.
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Troga is intended to help you translate words and phrases between multiple languages. Likewise, this tool can be used to look up dictionary definitions as well as check your spelling. In this respect, the utility currently supports 78 languages. Luckily, it is extremely easy to use, even by inexperienced users.

The application’s interface is very straightforward. There is a text box to enter the intended word or phrase, which you can do by not only typing on your keyboard but also using speech recognition technologies via a microphone. Besides, it is quite convenient that you can use a series of hotkey combinations for such operations as adding a translation to the history list, picking a source and a target language, and switching translation direction.

Good news is that the tool can be used for learning purposes. In this regard, it allows you to save some translation tasks for recalling, with the possibility of configuring reminders. Similarly, it helps you listen to and practice the pronunciation of words. Another advantage of using Troga is the possibility of synchronizing your lookup history on iCloud. Moreover, the availability of extensions for Alfred and Popclip contribute to perfectly integrating the tool into your workflow.

Despite the benefits just mentioned, there are some drawbacks to using Troga. First, it is based on Yandex.Translator and, therefore, requires an Internet connection. What is more, it does not support using any other translation services should you prefer them. more

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  • Supports multiple languages
  • Allows looking up words and checking their spelling
  • Supports speech recognition
  • Supports hotkeys
  • Saves translations for recalling
  • Plays the pronunciation of the words
  • Synchronizes lookup history on iCloud
  • Extensions for Alfred and Popclip


  • Does not work offline
  • Cannot use different translation services


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