TeX Live Utility

TeX Live Utility 1.36

Update, install and manage Tex Live Manager from an intuitive UI.

TeX Live Utility is a utility for Mac OS that installs, updates, and manages commonly used functions of the TeX Live Manager. The application has a simple installation process that can be completed with only a few mouse clicks.

The User Interface looks like a mini-window and comes with very few menu configurations. It lacks skin themes or any kind of graphical options. The menu is highly intuitive and buttons provide good responses to user actions, but the interface becomes laggy when updating.

As per its features, TeX Live Utility is able to set the paper size to all TeX programs that run on Mac and also efficiently remove and install packages. Moreover, when it comes to downloaded packages, there is an option that lets users view details, like texdoc results, of the downloaded files.

In addition to those mentioned above, individuals can set a mirror URL for command-line tlmgr usage, while also being able to list and restore backups.

In conclusion, TeX Live Utility is a useful Mac OS tool to use in conjunction with TeX Live Manager. It's free and consumes a low amount of system resources, so you should give it a try.

John Saunders
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  • Consumes a low amount of system resources
  • Restores backups
  • Can view texdoc results


  • Has very few advanced configurations
  • Lacks skin themes
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