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Plays a wide array of audio file formats without interfering with your workflow.
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TrayPlayer is intended for audio playback. In this respect, it is clear that the intentions of the developers were not to create a sophisticated hard-to-use audio player. Instead, this tool is very unobtrusive and user friendly.

The application can run in the background from the Menu Bar and can be set to use a transparent background, so it does not interfere with your workflow. It has been designed to resemble portable players, as a result, it is unlikely that you have any difficulties to use it. In this respect, all you need to know is the functions of such common buttons as Play, Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward.

In order to create a playlist, you can easily drag and drop a folder onto the player’s window. Luckily, the application automatically identifies playable files with the extensions MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, CAF, MP4, MP2, MP1, AAC, AU, M4R, TS, MOV, QT, MPG, 3G2 and VOB. Additionally, you can switch between playback modes (sequential mode, loop and shuffle).

As said, simplicity has taken its toll in relation to more sophisticated features. Thus, unlike other popular applications of this type, TrayPlayer cannot organize your songs into a library, which commonly would let you evaluate them as well as edit their metadata. Likewise, I could not find a way to equalize output sound.

All in all, TrayPlayer is a user-friendly, unsophisticated and unobtrusive audio player, which supports practically all popular audio file formats. The product can be bought from the Mac App Store at a reasonable price.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Does not interfere with your workflow
  • Easy to create a playlist
  • Various playback modes
  • Supports multiple audio formats


  • Does not support evaluating songs or editing their metadata
  • Does not support creating an audio library
  • Cannot equalize sound


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