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Bino is a video player with the support for stereoscopic 3D video.
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Bino is a video player with the following main features:

Support for stereoscopic 3D video, with a wide variety of input and output formats.
Support for multi-display video, e.g. for powerwalls, Virtual Reality installations and other multi-projector setups.
Bino currently works on GNU/Linux systems, Mac OS X, and Windows. It uses the following libraries:

FFmpeg to decode video and audio files. Note that you need a very recent version (0.7-rc1 or later).
LibASS to render subtitles.
OpenAL (on GNU/Linux: OpenAL Soft) for audio output.
OpenGL (with Glew) for video output. Hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.1 with framebuffer objects is required.
Note that proprietary drivers are not required! Recent Linux kernel Mesa versions should work fine.
Qt for the user interface and video window.
Optionally Equalizer for multi-display support.
Bino is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3 or later.

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