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Check out our companion iPad app, Toddler Taxonomist!
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**Check out our companion iPad app, Toddler Taxonomist! It's free! **
Toddler Typer is designed to provide a safe environment for young children to explore the keyboard and mouse!
Let's back up.... My daughter is 20 months old. She loves to run into my office when I'm working and bang on the keyboard. I always worried that she would erase my work, delete files, or cause other sorts of havoc through her shenanigans. She's an expert at blindly finding key combinations that launch preference panels and other features that I never have seen before. But she's so sweet... how could I resist?
So, I built this app so that there would be a safe environment for her to play with the keyboard and mouse. She loves animals and loves singing Old McDonald, so I started the project with an animal theme.
The instructions are simple:
1. Launch the app and wait until it says "Loading complete".
2. Press keys and/or click the mouse.
The A-Z keys will show animals with names that begin with the corresponding letter. Upon pressing a key, the noise that the animal makes will play. Pressing almost any other key* on the keyboard will randomly select one of the animals.
The name of the animal is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Clicking the mouse will place a small toddler-like figure on the screen that will walk in a random direction. You can press the mouse multiple times to have multiple figures on the screen.
That's it! It's pretty simple.
Planned updates will add images for numbers and additional photo sets, such as food items, vehicles, space images, and more.
DISCLAIMER: Toddlers can be aggressive! This app should only be used by a toddler under direct adult supervision, else you may find keys missing from your keyboard.
Recommended for children aged 12 months and up.
* Several of the function keys will continue to perform their designated function: brightness, music controls, and the Launchpad key (on newer and extended keyboard). I was unable to disable these, unfortunately.
Toddler Typer is optimized for a US English keyboard. While other keyboards will work, the funky å, æ, ø, ç, etc... keys that are native to them will cause Toddler Typer to display a random animal. Your toddler probably won't care.
All animal names are in English. The sounds are in the languages of the respective animals.
This app was made with with cocos2d:
Note: This application is NOT optimized for a Retina Macbook Pro display. You will see pictures and hear sounds, but the text will not appear in the appropriate place. This will be fixed in a future update.

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