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Tiny Planet is a fun shooter set in a cartoon world.
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Tiny Planet is a fun shooter set in a cartoon world. In this game, you control a very cute character, Baboo, who has to fight off waves of enemies to defend his home planet from destruction. Baboo stands on a small planet, and you can use the mouse to move him around. His weapon is always firing, so all you need to do is aim it in the direction of incoming enemies. From time to time you will find power-ups. The most common one is a power-up that lets you shoot three bullets instead of one, and it helps a lot when there are multiple enemies coming at you. Whenever an enemy touches you or the planet, you lose a life. You only have three, so if you lose them all, you will lose. There is a power meter at the bottom of the screen, when it is filled, you can carry out a special attack which will kill all the enemies on the screen. You also can collect lives that are floating around the screen.

In short, Tiny Planet is a standard shooter with nice graphics, nice music and good sound effects. The game is fun and at $0.99 it is very inexpensive. Of course, you will not find any depth in the game, but it is a great time killer.

José Fernández
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