tinyMediaManager 3.1

Organize your collection of movies, movie sets and TV shows.

tinyMediaManager is intended to help you organize your collection of movies and TV shows. In this regard, the tool can automatically find and download relevant information, such as a cast, plot and artwork. Likewise, it lets you easily arrange and search for the desired items within your collection. Unfortunately, the help documentation provided is poor; yet, you can get answers to some of your questions from the app’s forum.

Fortunately, there is a wizard to guide you through the basic setup, which does not mean you cannot change those settings later. The application has a carefully crafted interface, with tabs corresponding to the three main categories of media it is intended for: Movies, Movie Sets and TV Shows. One of the best things about this tool is that it can automatically search multiple online movies and TV databases, such as TMDb, OFDb, IMDb, Zelluloid, MovieMeter, aniDB, TRAKT and TVDB, and download the information you need to complete your local catalogue. The good news is that you do not need to retain the automatically filled data. Instead, you can edit all types of details, including metadata as well as movie and show names.

You can easily browse the information gathered for each type of media categories. For instance, you can view details about movies, such as a title, genre, crew and cast. In this respect, it helps you follow the sequence in which a given TV show was broadcast. Likewise, it can also store the actual media files, including video, artwork, audio and subtitles. Moreover, I enjoy the possibility of downloading movie trailers.

All in all, tinyMediaManager is an excellent solution for cataloguing your movies and TV shows. It is Java-based, which, on the one hand, means that it runs on any platform. On the other hand, it also means that it is not very efficient in terms of system resource usage, so you may experience an overall slowdown of system performance while it is running. The product is free and certainly deserves a try.

Pedro Castro
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  • Searches multiple online movie and TV show databases
  • Can find subtitles for your films and shows
  • Downloads movie trailers
  • Helps you organize, sort and search details about movies and TV shows


  • May cause an overall slowdown of your system
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