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Time is a very nice suite of time utilities such as a clock, a stopwatch, an alarm clock and a countdown timer. It comes with 27 different colors for the graphical interface, 15 different sound effects for the alarms, and 5 different levels of screen dimming. The interface resembles the computer interface used in the Star Trek movies and the TV series. It is called LCARS and it is geek heaven.

Installing Time couldn't be any easier thanks to the Mac App Store. When you first launch the app, it will go into full-screen mode, which is the way you are supposed to run it. The top part of the screen is where the clock is, along with the date and some of the different settings. From here, you can change the theme color, the time mode, the 12/24-hour format and even dim the screen. For us geeks, there is an option to display star dates instead of the current year, month and day. The bottom of the screen holds the alarm and the stopwatch. They are very easy to activate and set up.

All in all, this is an excellent app to be running on your second monitor if you don't use it. It is a great screensaver as well. It really looks like something you would see on a monitor on U.S.S Voyager, or maybe Enterprise, if that's more your style.

José Fernández
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