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Tick: Track Time, Get Paid Years ago, when I was a new programmer, I used a free timer widget to track my hours.
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Tick: Track Time, Get Paid
Years ago, when I was a new programmer, I used a free timer widget to track my hours. The problem was, the timer wasn't visible when I was working and I'd forget to start or stop it. Even worse, I often forgot to write the hours down, which made billing clients a pain.
I got tired of the hassle and wanted to make tracking my time and getting paid as easy as possible. I needed a timer that stayed visible in the toolbar so I wouldn't forget to use it. I also needed an easy way to automatically log how many hours were spent on each task for a project. Finally, I wanted a program that would automatically generate a professional-looking invoice that could be emailed or printed.
I looked into available billing software. I quickly realized these programs had way too many features. I didn't have hours to spend learning how to bill a client. I needed something so easy-to-use, so intuitive, that even a new user could make a sample invoice in just 5-10 minutes. Tick is the result. I built it for myself, but I bet it can make your life easier, too.

Projects: Multiple projects can be set up for each customer. Each project can have a different hourly rate. A log is kept of which tasks have been completed on a project, making it easy to see how many hours have already been worked, and how much money has been earned for the day.
Timer: Write a description of the task, assign it to a project, and use the timer to track hours worked. Use either the menu bar or keyboard shortcuts to control the timer. Multiple timers can be used at once.
Exporting: Export the tasks for any of your projects into a tab-delimited CSV file.
Editing: Changing the date (back-dating) of tasks is easy.
Rounding: You can round the time a task takes to whatever interval you choose. Rounding occurs up, so rounding at 15 minute intervals will round a 3 minute task up to 15 minutes.
Invoicing: When you are ready to bill for a particular project, Tick will group the tasks by date into a professional looking invoice. You can choose to have the PDF emailed to both you and the client, or saved to your file system. You can even add your logo to invoices.
Privacy Mode: When others are around, you can hide all financial information throughout the app. Now there's no need to be self conscious about your rates when others around.
International Currency Support: Choose between Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yuan/Yen, Rupees, and Czech Crowns. Don't see your currency listed? Visit the Tick support page and request it be added.

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