Setapp 2.5

Gain access to a digital store with Mac apps.
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Find the best solutions for system tasks and general functionality maintanenace on your Mac. Check out a curated list of over 100 different apps covering multiple categories with an option to install and update them right away. Download and manage the related files.

Setapp is an entirely new kind of software package where for a single monthly subscription you get a folder full of top-quality applications for everything you need. Key features: 100+ apps for a single subscription; New apps add each month; No advertisement; No additional charges; Only high-quality software; Pre-selected to cover all needs; Fully-functional + free future upgrades. No more searching for the right app among the hundreds of seemingly identical offers, no more buying apps without trying them first. Whatever you need to do, from website building to taxes, thereÃs an app for that and itÃs in Setapp. Currently there are 100+ best Mac apps on board and the collection keeps growing. Apps include text editors, productivity software, code runners, utilities for Mac cleaning and optimization, duplicate finders, timers, finance trackers, screencast video creators, image converters, and many many more. Setapp makes sure that you donÃt have to look through the whole of App Store and guess which apps are good and which are not worth the money. The tedious testing has been done for you and only the apps of high-quality and rich in functionality have ended up on the list. Plus, when an app gets an upgrade, you get it for free as a part of Setapp subscription. You wonÃt see a single ad in any of the apps because advertising is banned on Setapp. Inside the folder there are just apps and nothing more. Setapp is a bold statement in the world of Mac app subscription, because it is not a single app or a bundle, but a huge variety of all kinds of essential Mac apps.

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