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Free The Unread puts a Status Item in menu bar whose customizable title can display.
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The Unread puts a Status Item in your menu bar whose customizable title can display the number of unread emails you have in Mail (it only works for Mail right now).
Elaborate answer: I have lots of applications with lots of BIG windows and only one monitor. I wanted a quick way to see if I had any new mail in Mail without actually wasting the .35 seconds required to make the Dock spring up or to command tab to Mail only to have my hopes dashed by not finding a little red badge on the Mail icon. I tried a Konfabulator widget that had a floating window that displayed if and how many unread emails you have, but try as I might I just don't have the taste for floating windows, I value my screen real eastate and no matter where I put the darned things they eventually (or immediately) get in my way.

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