MailServe 12.1

Set up a fully functional mail server on Mac OS X.
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MailServe helps you set up a fully functional mail server on Mac OS X that can:
- send outgoing mail
- receive incoming mail
- fetch mail from an ISP mail server
- filter out spam
- store all these mail on the server & and allow them to be read them from any mail client
- allow mail to be organised into folders and sub-folders
- authenticate users before they are allowed to send mail through the server
- encrypt mail coming in and out of the server using SSL (including inserting Intermediate CA certs)
MailServe organises each of these tasks--from the simple to the complex--into discrete panels in its user interface. This allows the user to turn the mail services on one-by-one, and turn them off individually when they're not needed.
MailServe does a lot of complicated configuring of your server beneath its Mac-like user interface. It does this in a non-invasive manner, touching as little as possible of the original system files so as to leave your system in its pristine state. And you can remove all the files installed by the MailServe, at one go, using the De-Install option in MailServe's Help menu.
What's new in this version:
LDAP support for Mavericks is broken. I can't make LDAP authentication work. I've dropped support for LDAP authentication in MailServe for Mavericks until I can make it work again. Other than that, this version adds a new "Send Email Report" checkbox to the SpamBayes options for users who wish to opt out from receiving the SpamBayes training job report whenever SpamBayes has finished doing its spam training run.


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