The Musician 3.1

sound file player for most formats, search drives for all sound files
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The Musician plays files having type 'Mp3 ', 'WAVE', 'AIFF', 'AIFC', 'VfW ', '.WAV', 'Midi', 'ULAW', 'sfil', 'BINA', 'MPEG', 'MPGa', 'MPGv', 'MPGx', 'dvc!', 'sd2f', sounds inside Movies ('MooV'), CD Audio tracks ('trak') and, at last, plays 'snd ' resources inside whatever file! But the strength of The Musician is its scanning ability: it may explore your HDs, CDs, folders, diskettes, files, searching for sounds to play. For example you may drag your disks on The Musician then continuing your normal work: The Musician will play, asynchronously and in background, any file of above that will find. According to your setting The Musician can play any sound immediately or after your consent, in this last case, whenever founds 'snd ' resources inside a file, it also conveys you how many sounds the file contains. In addition you may instruct The Musician to collect aliases of sound files, while it's playing, so you may enjoy them, when you want, without perform another search. The main window has a simple bar that meters the input level of the microphone, you may disable the bar through the preferences. At last The Musician may show the QuickTime keyboard (for your fun!) and record new sounds in 'sfil' or 'AIFF' format.
What's new in this version:
Contextual Menu extension.-Support of any sound file QuickTime sports.-New About box.-Minor bug, saving window position, fixed.-Position saving for each window.-Recompiled by using the newest compiler.-Linked with MoreFiles 1.5.-Recompiled with Interfaces-Libraries 3.3.-Linked with Internet Config 2.0.2.-Better Navigation Dialogs.Removed multiple streamsA bug in Navigation routines fixedTry QuickTime on unknown filesJust one single windowVolume changingAddresses updat...



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