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Easy to use Extracting audio has never been easier.
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Christian Kienle

Easy to use
Extracting audio has never been easier. Simply drop your video files on Audio Extractor, get something to drink, relax and a few minutes/hours later (depending on the video's size) you can start syncing the audio files onto your iPod, iPhone and iPad.
OS X integration
When an extraction is finished you can open it, show it in the Finder, use drag and drop, save the audio file explicitly and send it to iTunes. You can start extractions at any time by simply dropping movie files onto the dock icon.
High performance and stability
Audio Extractor uses QuickTime technology. But we haven't stopped there. For every extraction you start, Audio Extractor starts a background process which does the real work. This makes sure Audio Extractor is using your CPU the best it can and it makes Audio Extractor rock solid.
Support for many Video formats built in
If you can play a video with QuickTime Player you can be sure that Audio Extractor can work with it. Extend your QuickTime Player with Perian.

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