TG Pro

TG Pro 2.50

Peek at fan control, temperature monitoring, and hardware diagnostics in your Mac.

TG Pro allows monitoring the temperature of various hardware components, including your CPU, GPU, logic board, memory and palm rest. Likewise, it can perform various types of diagnostic tests on the components. This way, you can make the necessary adjustments, mainly those related to fan speed. It takes advantage of the temp sensors in your machine to acquire such data. Luckily, it supports all Mac models from 2008, so it is quite unlikely that it does not work with your hardware.

The application runs unobtrusively from the Menu Bar, and you can access its main window from the icon there. It is quite convenient that you can filter components by type or just view all of them as a list. Likewise, there are bars to show the current temperature for each of them, which has different colors indicating if it is acceptable, near the recommended threshold or too high. Moreover, that same information is available in degrees, and both Celsius and Fahrenheit are supported. It is also good that you can get data about fan speed and, fortunately, you can create autoboost rules that increase the fan speed when the temperature exceeds a given value.

Good news is there is the possibility of issuing various types of alerts when something goes wrong, which is very effective in preventing permanent hardware damage. So, when the temperature reaches a potentially harmful level, you can receive an alert via the Notifications Center. Moreover, the app can automatically send an email message to the configured address or play a sound.

All in all, TG Pro helps you protect your machine from various harmful conditions, mainly component overheating. Unfortunately, however, it is definitely not the tool for inexperienced users. In this regard, the information it provides is overwhelming for them and some options are buried below various windows. What is more, there is even the possibility that they wrongly mess with fan speed and cause hardware damage. There should be warnings to alert users in such cases. I am glad there is a trial version of this tool, so we do not need to spend any money to find if it works for us.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Supports most Mac models
  • Provides the temperature for various components
  • Allows using rules to boost fan speed automatically
  • Diagnoses your system
  • Issues alerts in various ways


  • May cause hardware damage if manipulated by inexpert users
  • Some options are difficult to find
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