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Free A client app for Telegram’s instant messaging services.
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Telegram Lite allows communicating and sharing data with others. It is good to know that this client app is powered by the popular Telegram online messaging services, from which it inherits most of its advantages.

Good news is that the application’s interface is not very different from those of the web and mobile apps. This way, there is practically nothing new to learn if you already have experience with them. The names of your contacts are shown on the left, and you can browse through the list or use the search function in case they are too many. Once you pick one of your contacts, the messages you have exchanged with that person appear on the right. There are buttons to toggle notification on or off as well.

Telegram is one of the most advanced services of its type. It has become a leader in innovation, which has made it increasingly popular. For instance, it supports creating literally immense chat groups, sharing big files of up to 2 gigabytes, editing video before sending, and listening to music on its built-in media player. Likewise, it allows making voice calls and sending video memos; however, it seems they are not interested in implementing video chats. Another feature I simply love is bots, which give Telegram an unparallel flexibility.

If you are worried about security, let me tell you that Telegram is one of the most secure services of its kind around. In this respect, they use their own protocol, called MTProto, considered uncrackable up to this moment. Likewise, Telegram uses end-to-end encryption, so nobody else, not even the developers, can decipher your messages. Additionally, you can optionally send messages that self-destroy some time after being read.

To conclude, Telegram Lite allows you to use one of the best messaging services right from your Mac desktop. Therefore, I believe it is not one of those apps you can simply ignore. Fortunately, it can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Very fast messaging service
  • Extremely secure
  • Unlimited storage space with support of up to 2G files
  • Support of large group chats
  • Supports photo and video editing
  • Bot support
  • Voice calls
  • Video memos


  • No support of video calls


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