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This app helps you clear formatting of any selected text.
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TCleaner is a simple yet capable Menu Bar program designed to help you strip of style, colors or hyperlinks from any text you copy to your clipboard. This type of application comes in handy to users who wish to easily clear formatting from texts and paste them into emails or other documents.

The utility was created to be intuitive for any type of user, whether he or she has little or a lot of computer experience. Everything you need can be found within the main menu of the app and Preferences panel and all settings can easily be configured.

All you need to do is copy text to your clipboard and hit the ^V combination of keys or select the Clear Formatting option from the Menu Bar. The app will transform the text almost instantly and you can paste it to your email or any other type of document.

In addition, on the main menu of the program you have access to an option to automatically clear formatting of any text you copy to your clipboard. This way, you no longer need to copy text, go to main menu, select Clear formatting option, and waste your precious time in the process.

On the Preference menu the developers suggest you to try out the Pro version of this application which offers you more features, but comes with a certain price. In my opinion, it doesn't worth buying the other version of this program as the standard one provides you with many useful options and quick results, without the need to pay a buck.

In conclusion, it's worth installing this free application on your Mac. It provides you with many useful features, immediately transforms your texts, and doesn't slow down the performance of your computer while it's running on your Menu Bar.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to use
  • Offers you an option to automatically clear formatting
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • Immediately applies text style changes
  • Available in many languages


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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