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PhraseExpress is a powerful text expander and text snippet manager.
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PhraseExpress can increase your productivity by automatically expanding text while you type. In this respect, this feature is based on its capacity to autocomplete frequently used phrases as well as predict common expressions. It works for most jobs that involve typing so it is compatible with applications such as text editors, email programs, web browsers, and database applications. Since the tool has a steep learning curve, it is good that there is plenty of help documentation available, including tutorials and user guide.

PhraseExpress allows programming macros that replace a given string with custom text. Likewise, it lets you use some phrases to perform other operations, like opening another application or a URL.

You can create a custom string by selecting a piece of text and assign it to an abbreviated entry. Then, your text snippets can be organized into different categories. In this regard, it is great that it supports tree structures as well as multiple dimensions. For example, a library can easily be changed to another language. Then, the phrases you have created can be inserted from the snippet menu, or using hotkeys and shortcuts.

The application is ready for collaborative work as it lets you share text snippets over the local network or on the Cloud. Luckily, you can easily pick those users or groups you want to share your phrases with. Although it supports storing data on an SQL database, this feature can lead to data loss. more

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  • Allows organizing text snippets
  • Opens other applications and URLs
  • Allows collaborative work
  • Supports automatic translation
  • Generates new documents automatically


  • Steep learning curve
  • Storing data on an SQL database can lead to data loss


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