SysAidAgent 8.0

Free SysAid Agent is a client side application that resides on each of your computer
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SysAid Agent is a client side application that resides on each of your computers and runs quietly in the background (you will not notice any performance difference after it's been installed). Installing the SysAid Agent enables the SysAid hotkey. Assigned by default to F11, pressing the SysAid Hotkey takes a screenshot of your screen and opens the End User Portal. When submitting a service request in this manner, the screenshot is attached to the service request, thereby allowing the administrator who handles the call to easily see the exact situation where the problem occurred and to see any error messages that appeared on the user's screen. Once you've installed the SysAid Agent on a computer, the agent sends a complete computer profile to the SysAid Server. SysAid then creates an asset record for that computer, complete with full hardware and software details. These details can then be viewed at any time from within SysAid. The SysAid Agent communicates regularly with the SysAid Server, and any time a hardware or software change is detected on a computer, the agent sends SysAid a record of all changes. In this way, your computer assets are always recorded in SysAid with the most up-to-date hardware and software details. This is helpful for tracking purposes, including tracking software license compliance.

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