Jing 2.8

Take screenshots and record desktop activity on your Mac.

Jing is a utility that lives next to your Menu Bar and provides you with a quick and simple way to take snapshots and record videos on your Mac. It also offers you a solution for sharing the saved screenshots and recordings directly from its interface.

The app can sit on your status bar or underneath it. You can change its location from the Preferences panel. The program also lets you define a global hotkey for immediately taking screenshots or recording videos.

You can share your video recordings and screenshots with just a few clicks. After you finish editing your snapshot or complete your video recording, click over the Share button. The program will upload the media file on the Screencast.com website and a URL directing users to the saved photo or clip.

Still, the application is quite limited. It supports a small amount of output formats for exporting the screenshots and video recordings (PNG for snapshots and SWF for clips). Furthermore, you can record for a maximum of 5 minutes. Another thing that bothers me is that the app lacks video editing options (unable to trim, crop or watermark videos).

Jing might be the app for you if you don't require any of the aforementioned features and don't want to spend your money on a screen capturing tool. Otherwise, you can try other applications created by the same developer that come with price tags but provide you with a wide range of useful features.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Helps you take screenshots and record screen activity
  • Provides you with image editing options
  • Offers you an easy way to share screenshots and video recordings


  • Supports only one image formats (for screenshots)
  • Supports only one video format (SWF)
  • Lacks video editing options
  • You can record for a maximum of 5 minutes
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