SynclavierX 5.2

SynclavierX is a port to Mac OS X of the application Synclavier® PowerPC™.

Simply stated, SynclavierX is a port to Mac OS X of the application previously released as Synclavier® PowerPC™ for Mac OS 9. While many of Synclavier® PowerPC™'s features have been preserved during the port to Mac OS X, some features - such as EditView and the Digital STM™- are not yet available in the Mac OS X native implementation.The Synclavier® Digital Audio System used a proprietary 16-bit computer both to manage sound files and to operate its sequence engine (called a "digital memory recorder" at the time) and button panel. While the Synclavier®'s central processor was obsoleted by advances in computer technology in the early 1990's, its voice cards produce a unique sound that has not yet been 1998 Synclavier® Digital Corporation developed a hardware product called the PCI-1. This PCI-card allows a modern Macintosh computer to communicate with and to control original Synclavier® voice cards. Synclavier® PowerPC™ created an emulation environment running in Mac OS 9 that faithfully operated the Synclavier® Real Time Software. This emulation environment effectively replaced the obsolete computer technology of a Synclavier® Digital Audio System with software running natively on a PowerPC central processing unit. SynclavierX makes the central features of the Synclavier® Real Time Software available as a Mac OS X native application.

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