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RS-16X is a sequence & song style standalone drum machine program for Mac platform. With the virtual controller pads and keyboard, you can create drum tracks without any external devices.
RS-16X contains a demo project which contains pre-programed basic drum patterns and programs (drum kit) for quick start. However, making your own drum kit with your favorite drum samples is easy as drag & drop. Just drop audio sample files (Uncompressed Aiff, Wave) onto one of the virtual pads and it's ready to use.
- 16 x 6 Banks Virtual Pads.
- 88 Keys Virtual Keyboard Controller with Pitch Bend & Modulation Wheels.
- Virtual Pads & Keyboard correspond with computer's keyboard.
- 96 tracks sequencer.
- MIDI Clock Sync master or slave.
- Creates sequences in any time-signature.
- Swing Quantizing.
- Loads up to 1,536 samples at a time (16 Pads x 6 Banks x 16 Channels).
- Import & export AKAI MPC's ".PGM" & ".SND" File (MPC3000, MPC2000, MPC2000XL Format).
- Import & export Standard MIDI Files.
- Built-in synthesizer.
- Built-in reverb.
- Export sequence as AIFF.

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