Super PhotoCut Pro

Super PhotoCut Pro 2.7

Extract foreground objects from dull backgrounds you want to change or erase.

Super PhotoCut Pro is an easy-to-use image editor with remarkable features. The app is designed to help you extract foreground objects from dull backgrounds you want to change or erase completely. Therefore, you have the ability to replace the original background with a different picture, change it to a solid color of your choice, or make it transparent.

The program comes with a simple and intuitive interface with all functions conveniently placed on the main window. Two mirrored preview panels allow you to compare the original photo with the resulting picture. The tool supports importing a wide range of image formats. Once the desired photo is loaded, you simply mark in green the image area you want to keep and in red the part you wish to remove. Until here, nothing is particularly impressive, as the app seems to resemble most similar tools. However, Super PhotoCut Pro provides you with a noteworthy feature – namely, it has the capacity to remove the background behind objects with a certain level of transparency. The operation is done easily with a click of a button on the built-in engine for wedding gowns and translucent objects. Then, you can perfect your picture by adding a favorite background, which can be a solid color, the original photo, or an external picture from your image library. A wide palette of background transition effects allows you to integrate the foreground object perfectly into the whole picture. Obviously, keeping the background completely transparent is also a possible option.

To conclude, Super PhotoCut Pro offers an easy solution to fine-tune complex backgrounds behind translucent objects. Each modification you make to the original picture can be seen in real time in the preview panel.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Separates foreground objects from the original background
  • Replaces the background behind translucent objects
  • Background transition effects


  • High resource consumer
  • Quite expensive
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