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SubsMarine helps you find subtitles for any video you plan to watch.
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SubsMarine is an efficient program that helps you find subtitles for any video you plan to watch; in just a few seconds, its powerful search engine will locate all matching subtitles on most popular subtitle servers and you can decide which to download and use in your movies.

An advantage of using this application is the fact that it allows you to perform a fast and accurate movie scan and delivers a list with all films from the selected folder. This program communicates well with the QuickTime Player and lets you preview the movie before searching for its subtitle.

However, once you selected the videos with the missing subtitles you can start the search process and wait for the results. Afterwards, you will have access to a detailed list containing all found subtitles and you can select the proper ones and download them; you can configure the program to download these files directly in the movie's folder.

To conclude, SubsMarine is a handy application that enables you to find subtitles for any movie with just a few clicks.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Apply movie scans to any selected folder within your Mac
  • Fast and accurate search


  • If your Internet connection signal is running low, the program won't work properly
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