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What is it, and why would I use it?
SubRosaSoft FTPDroplet II? is a tool to help you upload files to web servers (FTP Servers) quickly and easily.
Keeping the focus on simplicity - SubRosaSoft FTPDroplet II is a drag and drop program. Simply drag files to the icon and drop them on it to start uploading.
Adding power we have included the ability to monitor a folder on your hard disk. If a file is added to that folder or changed - FTPDroplet II will automatically upload that file to your server. This helps to keep an automatic mirror between your local files and your server files.
Adding speed we have included the ability to have FTPDroplet II copy the web URL for the file being uploaded directly into your clipboard automatically. Bloggers (etc.) can drag, drop, then paste in one go.
Adding control we have also included the ability to hide and lock the preferences so that others cannot see or modify your preferences.
SubRosaSoft FTPDroplet is an ideal tool for web designers and web maintenance teams. Drag and drop simplicity
Setup your account, and forget it. Drag and drop to upload - no buttons, no mouse clicks - just that simple.
Automatic file synchronizing
Monitors a folder on your hard drive for changes or added files - then automatically uploads those files for you.
Create a copy for each of your common destinations
Make copies of the program, and rename them for all the servers you upload to.
Supply to your team
Preset a droplet - then give them to all members of the team who upload.
What's new in this version:
The updated version features a far more detailed interface that gives a much better idea of uploads in progress.


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