Stellar Drive Defrag

Stellar Drive Defrag 3.0

Systematize the fragmented data on Mac drives.
Perform defragmentation to increase the integrity of drives in your Mac and free additional space. Analyze the current volumes and partitions, then reorganize them to avoid fragmentation, preserving the entirety of data and the original file locations.

Stellar Drive Defrag is a handy Mac application that helps you optimize your system by searching for pieces of fragmented data and organizing them in an efficient manner. This defragmentation tool can prove to be quite useful, especially if you have recently installed and uninstalled multiple programs and noticed a decrease in the performance of your system.

In order to start optimizing your system, the first thing you will need to do, after launching Stellar Drive Defrag, is to select the source volume. Once the analysis is completed (might take some time), you can either choose to display a layout of the data and quickly perform a full or a quick defragmentation, optimize your volume or defragment the metadata.

By switching to the "Files" view, the application allows you to select specific files to defragment along with their associated metadata for an easier and smoother data access.

If you are worried that your drive will reach a critical temperature during the defragmentation process, yon can rest assured, because Stellar Drive Defrag comes with a reliable monitoring tool that will instantly pause the process the moment the disk temperature reaches the specified limit. This way, your hard disk will have the necessary time to cool off so that you can safely resume the defragmentation process.

Summing it all up, if you are ever in need of a powerful and easy-to-use Mac application that will help you optimize and defragment your files and volumes, then you should give Stellar Drive Defrag a try.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Supports file defragmentation
  • Built-in disk temperature monitor
  • Intuitive and friendly interface


  • Can only defragment one volume at a time
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